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Acting Information

The only official way to apply to be a part of a 72 Theatre product

72 Theatre is filming short comedy sketches in 2022. If you don’t know what 72 Theatre is, click here to watch some of our videos on YouTube. Caught up? Excellent!

72 Theatre was created as a fun activity – whether you’re an aspiring actor/actress, or simply want to be a part of this fun weekend project, we encourage you to sign up! If accepted, you’ll be sent a variety of scripts to choose from. Each sketch is usually filmed in under an hour. Typically we try and film up to three sketches back-to-back each day on a weekend.

Please note most filming takes place in Greenwood and Southside of Indianapolis. All actors and actresses must be 18 or older. Please direct all questions to

Acting Application

This is the official way to express interest in acting in 72 Theatre. There are no costs or payments associated with acting in a 72 Theatre segment. Clicking “Submit” does not commit you to acting for 72 Theatre. Likewise, 72 Theatre may not have a role for, or approve, every applicant.

Your email will only be used to follow up on your acting request, and will not be used for general emails. If you want emails from, please sign up for our official email list.
By clicking submit, you agree that you are be 18 or older. 72 Theatre does not collect information online from individuals under 18.