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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions*

*Questions that people probably will never ask, but we answer anyway.

Why is it called “72 Theatre”?

It was a name first used in college for a team formed for a 72 hour film competition. Theatre is spelled that weird way because “it looked sophisticated”. All videos coming out of 72 Theatre are, of course, sophisticated and high-class.

These videos are funny!

Thanks! Is that a question?

These videos are horrible!

Excellent. Still not a question.

I want to act in a video. How can you make this happen?

Please email contact@72theatre.com along with a headshot, age, and a short bio of why in the world you would ever agree to work on one of these videos. (If you’re under 18, please have your parents submit this stuff).

I want to write a script or have an idea. How can you make this happen?

We are currently not accepting scripts because [insert reason]. If you submit a script or idea, it will [insert something that probably would never happen to the script, but would discourage them submitting the script.]

Who are the people behind 72 Theatre?

We’re working on bio pages. If you’re interested in hiring anyone for your project, send an email to contact@72theatre.com and we will forward your message to them.